man new best friend the sex doll

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its 2018 we live in a i want it now world! we have instant coffee instant made for you food no waiting done for us world todays man is always on the go constantly working hell we even have speed dating! people don’t have time to date or fall in love ! but a man still needs the physical aspect of a woman that is where the sex dolls come in technology has advanced the sex doll to the point thats its almost the real thing ! ALMOST! fellas imagine a woman who is always in the mood always do whatever you want to do doesn’t want to cuddle after or talk about your feelings no for play involved and you can do all the kinky things you want to her and she is disease and drug free and can never get pregnant ! I’m sorry ladies i know its selfish but sometimes men well we can be selfish pricks! but at least if we are screwing a sex doll we are not screwing with your heart just to get into your panties ! so fellas if you don’t have time for a relationship and you just want to blow and go? TRYKINKY.COM


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